Taking Care of the Residents in Memory Care

Taking care of residents who are suffering with dementia can be very normal at times and intense at others. Keeping the resident engaged can become almost impossible and situations can get stressful quickly. Proper training is very important in this field so that caregivers do not accidentally harm residents.

  • Seniors want respect
  • Many seniors can still take care of themselves but they lose the motivation to do so
  • Seniors need care, love, and support
  • If your loved one is resting let them rest
  • Go along with their stories instead of telling them they are wrong
  • Join them on their journey
  • We eat with our eyes
  • Food should look tasty
  • Follow doctor’s orders
  • Ideally residents have a sense of independence
  • Simple tasks such as putting toothpaste on the toothbrush are helpful
  • Residents might need help going to the restroom
  • Caregivers must learn to take care of dementia and similar conditions
  • Brushing teeth and showering are important daily functions that can be tricky to manage
  • Caregivers must respond to emergencies with proper protocol
  • One on one caregivers tend to become that individual’s everything
  • Sleep when they sleep
  • Think about tomorrow and imagine how you can do better