Welcome, current and future teachers, to the lesson about teachers handling students!

Before AllSumJob was AllSumJobs, we made on-boarding and ESL courses for users new to the United States workforce. For many of our users today, this work might be a little too obvious or straightforward but, for those who need it, this serves as an essential service to get workers acquainted with our workplace culture. In other words, if you need to learn more about how Americans converse in the classroom, this is the course for you. The lesson about classroom management, such as teachers handling students, is helpful for everyone because it will help the teachers to teach and manage all the students better. 

The lessons include…

  1. The ESL Classroom – Conversations regarding ESL students, are great for teachers and people studying English in America.
  2. Troublesome Students – Conversations about teachers handling students, such as turning in late work or disrupting class.
  3. TOEFL Prep – Conversations and advice about the TOEFL exam, an English proficiency test with Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading sections.
  4. Preparing Students for College – General skits about preparing students for college with good grades and advice on the process.

These skits cover basic conversations, and you’re welcome to use these examples to guide your own English practice. Feel free to adjust the conversations however you like, and if you come up with a great skit of your own, feel free to share!

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