Senior Caregiving Interview Prep with Miki Lamm

Senior Caregiving Interview Prep with Miki Lamm

The Senior Caregiving Interview Prep course with Miki Lamm is designed to provide aspiring senior caregivers with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their interviews for senior caregiving positions. Drawing on Miki Lamm’s extensive experience in the field of senior care, this course offers practical tips, sample interview questions, and answers to help learners prepare for their interviews with confidence. Through a combination of instructional videos, role-playing exercises, and interactive discussions, learners will gain insights into the interview process and learn how to effectively highlight their skills, experience, and passion for senior care.

Mikki Lamm is a highly experienced professional in the field of senior caregiving, with a passion for helping seniors lead fulfilling lives. With extensive knowledge and expertise, Mikki has become a trusted authority in the senior care industry. Drawing on her wealth of experience, Mikki has designed and delivered comprehensive training programs for aspiring caregivers, including the Senior Caregiving Interview Prep course.

As a seasoned professional, Mikki is well-versed in the senior caregiving interview process and understands the expectations and best practices involved. She has successfully interviewed and hired caregivers for various senior care organizations, and she brings this invaluable experience to her training programs. Mikki is known for her ability to effectively communicate and showcase the skills, experience, and passion needed for senior caregiving positions.

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