Software Engineer Behavioral Questions 2

In this series, we shall continue exploring common behavioral questions in interviews for software engineers by showing you even more of what you can expect to be asked, and tips on how to answer them all while making a strong, positive impression of yourself. 

Want more answers to commonly asked interview questions?

In this course, we go over in detail more types of interview questions that you may be asked during your software engineer interview. This has six parts:

  1. Your company preferences, and how you prefer to work on projects.
  2. Conflict in the workplace, and how you deal with it when it arises.
  3. Questions about success or the future, and what they mean to you.
  4. Social skills, and how you deal with others.
  5. Mistakes, and the way that you address them.
  6. Efficiency vs Features, and what the priority is for you.

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