Welcome to our course on writing a cover letter!

You’ve got your resume, you’ve got your three references all ready, and you’ve even done your company research to know how to handle your interview. But you’re missing one important thing: the cover letter! Cover letters are required by almost any serious job posting and knowing how to write a good one will make or break your application. HR generally reads your resume first, but they will follow up with your cover letter if they feel your meet the minimal qualifications. Don’t be disqualified simply because you didn’t write a good letter, follow this course and you should be able to pass this part of the hiring process with style!

The lessons include…

  1. Setting Up – How do you start a cover letter and what do you need to have done? This covers the important points before you begin writing.
  2. Letter Format – There are a few ways you can write the cover letter, be sure to use the style that works best for the position.
  3. Writing Advice – There are good letters, and then there are great letters. Write with style with our simple tips to improve your writing.
  4. Alternatives – If a cover letter is not a part of the process, there may be an equally important alternative. Don’t be fooled into thinking a resume alone is enough!

With our advice, you should be able to write a spot-on cover letter. Want a chance at a free letter review? Subscribers who complete this course and submit their cover letter to us have a chance at receiving free feedback, and one lucky winner might even have their letter published as part of this course! (Talk about free publicity!)

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