Welcome to our course on optimism in the workplace– techniques to cope with a hectic work environment and promote teamwork and support amongst your colleagues. HR professionals generally agree that, among soft skills, being a team player rates at one of the most important skills for most careers.

Yet, what HR often forgets is that teamwork is closely tied to happiness and control over stressful scenarios. This course is designed to help you bridge that gap and become a team player by reducing your stress and increasing your happiness.

Regardless of if you’re working in an office 24/7 dealing with coworkers or customers, or out in the streets as a front line medical practitioner or police officer, these coping mechanisms can help keep a calm head and work well with your team. Mastering these techniques will ensure that you’re the first person people think of for a promotion. This course is designed to give you tips on how to keep a smile even when the worst happens at the workplace.

We divide the course into four parts:

  1. How to cope with stress. Stress is a major de-motivator and contributes to unhappiness.
  2. How to find happiness in the workplace. We emphasize the importance of happiness in productivity.
  3. Advice for Employees. Geared towards employees, what they can do to stay optimistic.
  4. Advice for Employers. Geared towards management, what those in charge can do to promote an optimistic workplace.

Coping with your stress and finding fulfillment in what you do brings about a positive atmosphere that isn’t just productive, but also contagious– you become a source of happiness for those around you who in turn do the same for you and others. All it takes to transform a workplace into one of support is one resolved employee who can inspire others to follow their lead.

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