Leading Children To a Better Future

Children, teens and even young adults usually need some form of instruction and guidance in order to thrive. Even when respecting their autonomy in making their own choices, those in charge at a daycare or place of learning need to provide a type of scaffolding by which growth can take place. This is not a definitive list, and plenty of other skills will come up when working a daycare shift. 

Although we don’t cover it in this lesson, its always important to also build your time management skills, attention to detail and mindfulness training, memory and critical thinking, and more. Be sure to browse our other supplemental courses if you’re interested in learning more! 

In this lesson, we talk about the importance of good leadership, warmth, and other important soft skills within the childcare industry. We also bring in some important parenting techniques that apply themselves to the caretaker role. This lesson has the following major topics

General leadership strategies apply to childcare, as the art of persuasion, teamwork, etc., applies to people of all ages.

Warmth and empathy play a huge part in childcare and building trust with children and their parents.

We turn to parental theory to provide additional advice regarding emotion, autonomy, flexibility and control.

Although we bring in parenting techniques, there are important limitations to our roles as we cannot ultimately decide for parents who a child is raised.