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Most parental requests should be respected. Allergies are very important, especially those that can cause severe reactions. Other dietary practices should be respected, within reason, but use your best judgment. For instance, there is no science backing foods without genetically modified organisms, e.g. GMO-free foods, but selecting snacks that respect the GMO-free request is likely not too hard and will make the parent like you. 

Some practices may risk others, though, like anti-vaccine parents, as this can cause outbreaks of measles, flu, COVID, and even polio! You can, and should reject any requests that may put others at risk or make you feel uncomfortable in the workplace. If you choose not to respect their wishes, be upfront about it to avoid any legal complications. You may lose a client, but in this industry, there’s usually more children than there are people to care for them!


  1. Most parental requests should be respected

  2. Always respect allergies children may have

  3. Do not honor requests that endanger other children