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As you continue to develop your presentation for a potential employer, the next step involves adding two more slides that showcase a range of information relevant to your capabilities and experiences. Start by contemplating what you’d like a potential employer to know about you. This can encompass a variety of aspects such as the classes you’re currently enrolled in, your GPA, previous job experiences, extracurricular activities, notable achievements, skills, and even recommendations or references from adults like teachers. Your second slide should focus on your educational background and experiences that demonstrate your sense of responsibility and reliability. Insert a new slide following your introductory one, give it a title, and start listing your educational and experiential highlights. To enhance readability, format this information in a bulleted list. Consider adding a photo that depicts you in an educational setting, at work, or participating in a significant activity, placing the image strategically on the slide.

The third slide in your presentation offers an opportunity to delve into additional areas that could capture the interest of potential employers. Title this slide and use it to present information such as your extracurricular activities, awards, hobbies, or even a recommendation or quote from a reference, like a teacher. Like the previous slide, organize this information in a bulleted list for clarity. Adding a photo to this slide is optional but can be an effective way to provide a more personal touch. Choose a picture that aligns with the content of the slide, whether it’s an image of you engaged in a hobby, receiving an award, or participating in a club or group activity. Now it’s your turn: proceed to insert these two new slides, list the information that you think will appeal to a potential employer, and consider adding and positioning photos of yourself to enhance your presentation.