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In this activity, you’ll engage in a valuable exchange of cover letters with one of your classmates, providing and receiving constructive feedback. Begin by accessing your Google account and returning to your original cover letter. Share this document with a classmate, choosing the level of permission you’re comfortable with – editing, commenting, or view-only. ‘Edit’ allows your classmate to make direct changes to the document, ‘Comment’ permits them to add comments without altering the text, and ‘View’ simply lets them read the document. Once your classmate has shared their letter with you, take the time to thoroughly read it, adopting the mindset of a potential employer to whom the letter is addressed.

As you review your classmate’s cover letter, consider the skills and qualities they are bringing to the table for the job they’re applying for. Jot down your thoughts and observations within the document. Reflect on whether their letter prompts any specific questions about their candidacy or experience. Moreover, try to envision how this letter would come across if you had no prior knowledge of the individual. What sort of impression does it create about their personality? If possible, have a discussion with your classmate about the comments each of you has made, gaining insights into how your respective letters could be improved. Now, it’s your turn to engage in this reciprocal process: swap your cover letter with a classmate, review theirs as if you were a potential employer, and make note of any questions and impressions that arise from your reading.