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When exploring different career paths, an important factor to consider is the cost of education required for entering those fields. The expense of education varies depending on the type of training or degree necessary and the institution providing it. As part of your research, you will look into the educational costs associated with the careers you have identified. This step is crucial for understanding the financial commitment involved in pursuing a particular career path. Start by researching the cost of the minimum education required for the first career on your list. Document each source along with the stated cost of the education. This will help you to gather a range of data points and understand the potential financial investment required.

After listing the costs and sources, type “Average” under your sources and make it bold for easy identification. To calculate the average cost of education, you can utilize the AVERAGE formula in your spreadsheet. This can be done by copying and pasting the formula from a cell where you previously applied it. Remember to double-check the formula after copying to ensure it references the correct cells. This step is essential to get an accurate calculation of the average cost. Once you have calculated the average for the first career, repeat these steps for each additional career on your list. This approach allows you to compare and contrast the education costs for different careers systematically. Now it’s your turn: Insert the data on education costs and their sources into your spreadsheet, add and bold an “average” label under your sources, utilize a formula to calculate the average education costs, and replicate these steps for the other careers you are researching.