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In crafting the middle paragraph of your cover letter, aim for a concise yet impactful section, ideally two to three sentences long. This paragraph is your opportunity to highlight what you bring to the table as a potential employee and how you can assist the company in achieving its objectives and addressing its challenges. Reflect on your unique experiences that position you as an ideal candidate for the job. These might include your areas of study, prior work or volunteer experiences, interests, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities. While it might feel awkward to discuss your past successes, it’s essential to share these accomplishments to demonstrate how your experiences can benefit others. Construct this paragraph by focusing on a few key highlights without overcrowding it with details or merely repeating your resume. If you have work samples available online or a personal website, consider adding a link within your cover letter.

The final paragraph of your cover letter is your chance to leave a lasting impression. Express gratitude to the hiring manager for considering your application and reiterate your enthusiasm for the role and the company. Conclude the letter by signing off with your name. After completing your letter, it’s crucial to conduct a spell check to ensure accuracy and professionalism. Additionally, having a trusted friend review the letter can provide a fresh perspective and help catch any errors or areas for improvement. Your task now is to write the middle paragraph of your cover letter, craft a thoughtful sign-off in the final paragraph, and thoroughly proofread your letter to ensure it’s polished and error-free.