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In this activity, you’ll be creating a table in a document to organize the names of at least three potential references. The use of a table is an efficient way to manage essential details. To start, you’ll need to insert a table with three columns and four rows into your document. Each column will have headings to guide you on the type of information to enter: use “Activity” for the left column, “Reference” for the middle column, and “Email Address” for the right column. Format these headings to ensure they are easily noticeable. Next, brainstorm at least three activities in which you’ve participated. Consider activities that highlight your skills and strengths, including not only paid jobs but also volunteer work, sports, or academics.

Once you’ve identified these activities, think about the individuals who supervised each one – they could be an employer, coach, teacher, or another type of supervisor. These people are familiar with your skills and character, making them excellent candidates for potential references. Add their email addresses next to their names in your table; this makes it simple to contact them when needed. If you don’t already have their email addresses, try finding them online. After completing your table with the necessary details, you’ll be prepared to progress to writing an email to ask someone to be your reference. Your task now is to create the table in your document, list at least three activities, and include the names and email addresses of at least three potential references.