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When considering applying for a different job, it’s crucial to adapt your original cover letter to suit the new role while maintaining its core elements. Start by researching the new company and role thoroughly. Open a new document to gather your notes, focusing on articles about the company, information from its website, and insights from professional networking sites. This research will help you understand how you can contribute to the company’s challenges and successes. Aim to find out the name of the hiring manager, as addressing the letter directly to them can make a more personal and impactful connection. 

Once you’ve gathered sufficient information, begin tailoring your original cover letter for the new job application. Start by making a copy of your original cover letter and rename it to reflect the new job title. Most of your contact information will remain unchanged. Ensure the date and the hiring manager’s name are updated. In the first paragraph, include the job title, express your enthusiasm for the organization, and reference their mission statement. The second paragraph should highlight your relevant past accomplishments and experiences, making you a suitable candidate for this particular role. Tailor these aspects specifically to the new position, especially if it’s vastly different from your previous application. Conclude by thanking the hiring manager for considering your application and reiterating your excitement about the opportunity. Remember, your name should already be on the document. Now, it’s your task to choose another job you’re interested in, conduct detailed research on the position and company, document your findings, and modify your original cover letter to align with this new opportunity.