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Throughout this lesson, you embarked on the journey of building your professional network. You initiated this process by creating a spreadsheet to systematically track your professional connections. Your active efforts included searching online to identify new professional contacts and composing a networking email to request an informational interview. When you receive a response and start a dialogue with your contact, they officially become a part of your growing professional network. It’s crucial to continue updating your spreadsheet as your network expands. Remember, not every individual you contact will join your network, and that’s perfectly fine. Some may not reply to your emails, while others might be too occupied to offer assistance. This is a normal part of the networking process.

As you forge new connections, it’s equally important to nurture the relationships you’ve already established. The individuals in your professional network are invaluable resources for information and could potentially be your future employer, colleague, or mentor. Make efforts to genuinely know the people in your network beyond just reaching out for assistance. Regularly staying in touch, even through simple messages to check in, is key. Aim to connect with each person in your network periodically, every few months. Developing a robust professional network not only opens doors to new job opportunities and career advice but also supports your overall professional growth. The skills you’re honing now, such as organizing information in spreadsheets and communicating professionally, are instrumental in various aspects of your career. These abilities, along with the capacity to foster positive relationships, will enhance your experiences as a student, team member, and future professional. Best of luck as you continue to expand your professional network and advance toward your career aspirations!