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Revamp the visual representation of your project tracker’s progress by changing the color of cells and text in this video, employing the technique of conditional formatting. Conditional formatting allows you to format cells based on specific information they contain. By utilizing this tool, you will alter the color of cells and text in the status column based on certain criteria matching the task’s status. Begin by highlighting the cells in the status column down to the end of your task list, and from the format menu, select conditional formatting. The highlighted cells will appear in the box as the designated range.

Proceed to establish the conditions for formatting by selecting the “text contains” option from the menu and typing one of the status choices from your data validation list. These choices originate from the data validation created in the previous activity. Customize the formatting style by choosing a color corresponding to the selected status. Continue this process for each status in the list, assigning distinct colors for differentiation. If your data validation list has more than three items or you prefer diverse colors, opt for the custom color option or modify the text appearance instead of the cell color. By following these steps, you create a visual representation of your project’s progress, allowing for a quick overview by observing different background and text colors in the cells.