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The initial phases of a project, preceding its commencement, are often critical for its success. Establishing goals, determining deadlines, and estimating expenses beforehand allows for effective resource planning, ensuring a smoother execution of significant tasks. During these early stages, it is also crucial to anticipate potential challenges, enabling proactive measures to handle them efficiently. Before initiating a project, effective communication of plans with managers or clients is essential. Feedback and requests for changes are expected during this phase, providing an opportunity for refinement before project approval.


To facilitate the planning and approval process, creating a Project Charter proves instrumental. This document encapsulates essential project details, delineating goals and the necessary steps to achieve them. The current activity encourages the creation of a project charter using Google Docs, a part of the G Suite of Google applications. Google Docs, accessible through the internet, allows collaborative document creation, editing, and commenting. Through this process, participants not only craft a project charter but also learn document formatting tailored to the project’s subject matter and audience. The project charter, once created and named, is automatically saved in Google Drive, eliminating the need for manual saving, and participants can seamlessly transition to the next video to continue the project charter creation process.