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The initial phase of project management involves critical tasks such as planning, brainstorming, and defining the project’s purpose. A fundamental tool for achieving these objectives is the creation of a project charter, a document that comprehensively describes the project, outlining its goals, potential challenges, key personnel, and other significant details. The “Begin Your Project Charter” activity covers the steps to create this foundational document. As a project progresses beyond the planning stage, the focus transitions from the broader overview of purpose, resources, and personnel to the practical management and execution of day-to-day tasks and priorities.

This particular activity guides participants in creating a Project Tracker using Google Sheets, aimed at organizing and prioritizing tasks efficiently. Recognizing that all projects, regardless of size or duration, involve multiple deadlines, responsibilities, and team members, the importance of an organized tracking system is underscored. While traditional trackers may be physical and challenging to share, a digital project tracker in Google Sheets offers accessibility, accuracy, and collaboration capabilities. The following videos in the series will guide participants through the process of creating their own project tracker in Google Sheets, exploring the spreadsheet application’s functionalities and demonstrating how to efficiently share and collaborate on project-related information securely stored in Google Drive.