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Transforming the appearance of the document to achieve a professional and reader-friendly look is the focus of this video. The tutorial guides participants through several formatting adjustments, starting with centering the title on the page. To enhance visibility and aesthetic appeal, participants are encouraged to consider bolding the title or experimenting with different font styles. The importance of streamlining the document’s appearance is highlighted by suggesting changes to section heading styles, allowing for a cohesive and organized layout. For added personalization, participants are prompted to incorporate colors into their charter, keeping in mind readability by avoiding overly bright or light hues. Emphasis is placed on aligning the visual elements with the audience, recognizing that project charters are typically reviewed by supervisors, team members, and potentially clients, necessitating a polished and professional presentation.

The video further instructs participants to format the administrative approvals section by inserting a table with rows and columns for each person’s role or position and the corresponding date. This addition ensures clarity in understanding the approval process and responsibilities. To conclude the formatting process, participants are advised to delete the brainstorming page, as the finalized charter no longer requires the initial planning ideas. The tutorial provides a helpful tip for accessing the brainstorming page in the future through the Version History feature, allowing users to revert to previous versions and review the development stages of the document. The completion of these formatting steps is celebrated as participants achieve a polished, professional, and audience-friendly document.