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Welcome to the Managing a Project with Digital Tools course. Regardless of your profession, every job entails distinct responsibilities, tasks, and decision-making. Whether at work or in personal endeavors, you likely engage in numerous projects that involve multiple steps and processes. Project managers play a pivotal role in identifying specific tasks crucial for a project’s success and then formulating a plan to accomplish them.

Throughout this unit, you will delve into practical applications of project management by utilizing online tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. The acquired project management and digital skills are designed to be versatile, applicable to various responsibilities in both professional and personal spheres. This unit guides you through activities like creating a Project Charter in Google Docs to effectively communicate essential project details, developing a Project Tracker in Google Sheets for a quick overview of task statuses and deadlines, constructing a Project Budget in Google Sheets to monitor estimated costs and expenses, and crafting a Progress Report Presentation in Google Slides for an audience interested in your project’s status. Take the next step and choose one of these activities to begin your hands-on exploration of project management with digital tools.