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Establish a menu of budget categories using data validation to enhance your project’s financial tracking. This feature enables you to assign a specific project area, department, or category to each line item, aiding in the meticulous organization of expenses. Project managers often bear the responsibility of categorizing costs based on the type of expense or the budget area. Categorization proves valuable as it allows for a quick assessment of any project categories that might be incurring excessive costs, facilitating prompt adjustments as needed.

Initiate the process by inserting a column between your Items list and Estimated Cost, labeling it as Category. Leveraging data validation, you can streamline the categorization of expenses by creating a drop-down menu of categories directly within your budget sheet. Data validation ensures that only specified information appears in the cells, preventing errors and inconsistencies in category names. This feature not only enhances accuracy but also provides an efficient way for project collaborators to classify new expenses. With the data validation in place, the budget sheet now boasts a convenient drop-down menu in each cell of the category column, allowing for easy updates and maintenance of accurate categorization for each line item in your budget sheet.