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Progress or status updates are comprehensive presentations encompassing various project details, such as risks, deadlines, costs, and upcoming steps. This video focuses on enhancing your presentation by incorporating more intricate details and updates about your project. Consider your audience’s perspective and their primary concerns. For instance, decision-makers within your company may be particularly interested in whether the project is on time and on budget, while clients may prioritize considerations like the impact on security, parking, and noise levels. Tailor the content of the next two slides to address these specific details, either by retaining the template subheadings or introducing new ones that better align with your project and audience. 

The template also includes a slide labeled “Attention Areas,” providing a platform to highlight potential problems specific to your audience. Add specific details to address their concerns, and feel free to modify subheadings to better suit your project. Additionally, integrate a schedule into your presentation, emphasizing key milestones and deadlines. The template offers designated space for five dates and milestones that you can fill in with relevant information. Conclude your presentation by outlining the next steps to be completed and establishing goals for the next meeting. The final two slides in the template are designed for this purpose. Throughout the presentation, leverage the project purpose and goals from your charter, as well as the task list from your tracker, if created earlier in this unit, to guide you. When adding text, adhere to presentation guidelines by using concise bullet points and short phrases, keeping in mind that speaker notes, visible only to you, can assist during the actual presentation.