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In this instructional video, the focus is on the initial stages of project development, emphasizing the importance of brainstorming ideas and formalizing them into a project charter. Participants are guided through the process, starting with the creation of a title that reflects a specific aspect of the project. The video then instructs them to format the text as “Title” and create a new page named “Brainstorming” for listing all possible ideas before incorporating them into the project charter. The brainstorming phase involves identifying the problem the project aims to solve and considering the intended results, which are recorded under the respective headings. The tutorial encourages participants to maintain organization by formatting section headers and utilizing numbered lists.

Upon finalizing the brainstorming ideas, participants are directed back to the project charter page, where they create a section for “Project Purpose.” They are advised to format this section using Heading 1. By translating the ideas from the brainstorming page into a concise 2 or 3-sentence description under “Project Purpose,” participants ensure clarity in conveying the project’s essence. The process then moves to setting project goals, which involves refining and listing three specific goals on the brainstorming page. Returning to the project charter page, participants create a new section titled “Goals” and format it using a numbered list. The video concludes by highlighting the significance of a well-structured project charter, describing it as a document that effectively communicates the project’s identity and objectives for easy understanding and support from decision-makers and team members.