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Intro to Personal Finance


Welcome to our short course on personal finance, part of our Onet Soft Skills training series. Much like time management, financial management is a type of resource management skill, a type of skill highly sought after in management or finance, regardless of the industry.  After all, money is involved in all types of careers! 

The first step to being good with money is understanding how your own finances work. Company finance works much the same way. There’s no better way to start with finances than working with someone you’re most familiar with– yourself! Once you master your own finances, you can be a fiscally responsible employee who respects employee budgets and comes up with ways to reduce costs while maximizing profits.


  1. Resource management = time, material, financial, and personnel
  2. Financial management is important for all careers!
  3. This course will use your own finances as a starting-place.
  4. Master your own budget as a first-step to mastering finances.