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Calculating Your Assets


Covering debt is never fun, but it IS fun to start thinking about what you own!  Welcome to the flipside of debt: assets. Assets are what you own and what adds to your net worth. There are tangible assets, like your housing, cars, and other things you own, liquid assets, like the amount you have in the bank, and illiquid assets, like those tied up in stocks or bonds. We’ll also talk about  earnings soon, but your paycheck– and the skills that come with it—  will not be added to your net worth.. Much of what we talk about here is going to sound very familiar, thought, since what was once a debt can become an asset, too!


  1. Assets are the positives in your net worth.
  2. Tangible assets = things you own.
  3. Liquid assets = money you can spend
  4. Illiquid assets = money you can’t spend
  5. Earnings are discussed later, not added to net worth.