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Calculating Your Net Worth


To figure out the negative side of your net worth, you need to sum up your debts as a whole, an essential process when we move onto understanding your month-to-month expenditures and making a decision on whether or not you need to pay off these debts quickly, or slowly. We suggest jotting down these notes in Excel or another bookkeeping software, as to also record the interest that is paid on these debts and when the debt period is over. You won’t need this yet, but when we schedule your payments, it’ll help to know which loans deserve the highest priority.


  1. Sum up your debts to understand your net worth.
  2. Helps in determining priorities– e.g. high interest, first.
  3. You can use Excel, or a more dedicated software.
  4. Record total owed, interest, fees, limits, due dates, etc.