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Managing Your Debt


Let’s start with your debt.  Debt can be thought of as any amount of money you owe– be it a student loan owned by the government, a house payment owed to a mortgage company, to a car dealership for your new car, and so-on.  Both you and the debtor “own” this debt, and that debt can be sold to third parties or consolidated to make things simpler. Debt is not always a bad thing, as the money you can hold on-hand can earn you more money when invested, rather than paying off the loan in-full from the start. Having a healthy debt also helps you build credit, which can come in handy when getting more loans.


  1. Debt can take many forms, from education to houses.
  2. Debt can be sold to third parties, or consolidated.
  3. Debt can be used to earn money through investment.
  4. Debt can also help you build credit.