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Calculate Your Self-Spending


The second number are your luxuries. Don’t neglect your own happiness! While it’s easy to say you’ll save this month because you won’t buy what you want to buy, sometimes buying things you want can make you happier and motivate yourself to do better at your job. That’s why most people suggest saving 20-30% of your expenses for your own happiness. If you happen to save, great, add it to savings— if not? At least you have a budget for your own happiness. Be generous here as well, as any sacrifice you make to your personal happiness can be thrown into savings, and that in and of itself might make you feel happy you did a responsible thing.


  1. Luxuries are not required, but are desired.
  2. Don’t lie to yourself– give at least 20% to happiness.
  3. Happiness can motivate you to work harder and survive.
  4. Be generous with the budget, you can always save afterwards.