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In this extension, you’ll enhance your digital art project by incorporating custom colors into your conditional formatting rules, allowing for a more personalized and unique creation. Begin by making a copy of your existing project and giving it a new name. This step ensures you retain the original while enabling you to experiment with new color schemes. Once your copy is ready, delve into the conditional formatting options. Here, you’ll start by selecting a specific rule to modify. Navigate to the custom fill color palette to choose a base color. From there, you can further tailor your selection using the palette’s customization options. To maintain the visual integrity of your pixel art, ensure that you match the text color with your newly chosen custom fill color, effectively hiding the cell values. Your custom color will be automatically saved in the custom color palette, simplifying its future use. Congratulations, you’ve just successfully added a new dimension to your project by selecting a custom color from the palette.

Next, continue to enhance your project by selecting a different conditional formatting rule and setting another custom color, but this time use a hex color code. Hex color codes are six-digit codes that precisely define a color, starting with a pound sign (#) and followed by six letters or numbers. These codes are a blend of red, yellow, and blue values, providing a vast array of color options. Hex codes are widely used in design and branding, making them ideal for achieving precise color accuracy in your artwork. To find a unique color and its corresponding hex code, open a new browser tab and conduct an internet search. Once you’ve found a color that resonates with you, copy its hex code. Then, apply this code by pasting it into the custom color selector in your project. Ensure that you match the text color with the fill color to keep the numeric values hidden. By incorporating custom colors through hex codes, you unlock a world of endless possibilities, allowing your creativity to flourish. Now it’s your turn to embark on this colorful journey: duplicate your project and give it a new name, experiment with custom colors in conditional formatting, and explore the vast world of hex color codes to bring a unique flair to your digital artwork.