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In this extension of your project, you’ll refine your pixel art by resizing the columns and rows in your spreadsheet to form a grid of perfectly square cells, enhancing the uniformity and overall appearance of your final image. Begin by making the gridlines visible, as this will allow you to clearly see the outlines of each pixel in your artwork. To adjust the dimensions of your cells, focus first on the row height and column width. However, for greater precision, you can set specific pixel dimensions for both. Start by selecting all the rows and entering a pixel dimension for the height of each row. Following this, select your columns and adjust the width, ensuring that you use the same pixel dimension for the column width as you used for the row height. This step is crucial to ensure that each cell in your grid is an exact square, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing and consistent image.

Apart from improving the uniformity of your image, resizing rows and columns can also be used creatively to alter the appearance of your pixel art. For example, increasing the pixel dimension of the row height will stretch the image vertically, while enlarging the column width will expand it horizontally. Experimenting with different row heights and column widths can offer interesting variations in how your image is displayed, potentially leading to unique artistic effects. Once you have adjusted the rows and columns to your satisfaction, remember to hide the gridlines again to view your image without any distractions. Now, it’s your turn to engage in this creative process: activate the gridlines, resize the row heights and column widths to either enhance uniformity or for creative effect, and then turn off the gridlines to view your final artwork.