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In this extension activity, you’ll get the opportunity to create a meme about your own life, which can be a fun way to joke about yourself and relate to others. Sharing your creation can also help you see if others identify with your experiences. To start, you’ll need to choose an aspect of your life to represent with a meme. This could be an event that happened to you, a habit you possess, or a feeling you often experience. Begin by opening Google Drive, creating a new drawing, and giving it a title that reflects your chosen theme. To find the right image for your meme, search using a keyword related to an aspect of your life or personality. It’s important to choose an image that you have the rights to use and that effectively reflects the trait or experience you’re focusing on. Once you’ve found the perfect image, insert it onto your canvas.

The next step is to craft a caption using Word Art that comments on or explains your chosen image. The font you select should help communicate the “tone” of your meme, whether it’s humorous, reflective, or something else. Adjust the size of your text and change its color to ensure it stands out against the backdrop of your image. You might also want to increase the “border weight” to make the outline of your text more prominent. Center the text on the page so both the image and the text are clearly visible. Finally, adjust the size of the canvas to perfectly fit your meme. Now it’s your turn: Choose an aspect of your life to represent with a meme, find an image that reflects this part of your life, write a caption that explains the image, and format the image, caption, and canvas to complete your personal meme.