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Having created your original meme, it’s time to share it with others, starting with your classroom. First, you’ll need to publish your meme to the web. Publishing a file generates a link that you can easily share via email. When publishing, choose a size for your meme that is large enough for the image to be clearly visible to everyone. Once you’ve selected the size and published your meme, copy the generated link. Next, open your email account and compose a new message. Craft a subject line that succinctly explains your meme, and type a brief message providing context for the recipient. Include the link to your meme in the email, and send it off to share your creative work!

After sharing your meme via email, take the opportunity to engage with your classmates through a gallery walk. Start by viewing your own meme in full-screen mode to ensure it’s easily visible. Then, walk around the room and observe the memes created by your classmates. This is a great chance to appreciate the diversity of creativity and thought put into each meme. As you explore, don’t hesitate to offer compliments to classmates whose memes particularly resonate with you, whether they made you laugh, think, or view a topic from a new perspective. Now it’s your turn to participate in this interactive experience: publish your meme on the web, share the link through an email, view your own meme in full-screen, and enjoy a walk around the room admiring the creativity displayed in your classmates’ memes.