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In this creative extension activity, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to a story you’ve read by creating a meme. This is a unique way to delve deeper into your understanding of the story or to share your personal perspective on a character, plot point, or theme. Creating and sharing your meme can also highlight aspects of the story that others might not have considered. To get started, first choose a story that resonates with you. This could be a story you studied in school, a book you read independently, or even a movie you’ve recently watched. Selecting a story that evokes strong feelings in you will make it easier to craft an engaging meme with compelling text and images. Once you’ve made your choice, open Google Drive, create a new drawing, and give it a relevant title. Your next step is to resize this drawing to fit your needs.

Now, it’s time to search for an image that encapsulates your response to the story. While you could opt for a straightforward representation, like a drawing of the characters or a movie screenshot, consider creating a metaphor to add depth to your meme. Look for an image that mirrors your thoughts or feelings about a pivotal moment in the story. For instance, if the story left you surprised, an image of a startled animal could vividly convey your reaction. Ensure that you have the rights to use your selected image, then resize and center it on the page, leaving space for your text. Add a background color to make your text pop. The next step involves using Word Art to craft a caption that sheds light on your reaction to the story. The caption should inform the viewer about the specific scene that prompted your response. Select a font that enhances the message of your caption, arrange the text effectively, and change its color for maximum impact. Sharing your meme is not only a reflection of your understanding of the story, but it also invites others to view the story from a fresh perspective. Now it’s your turn to embark on this creative journey: Choose a story that impacts you, find an image that reflects your response, write a meaningful caption, and format the image, caption, and canvas to complete your story-inspired meme.