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In this activity, you’ll collaborate with a classmate by exchanging digital art projects created in a spreadsheet application. Begin by pairing up with a classmate or asking your teacher to assign you a partner. Once you have your partner, share your projects with each other using your respective email addresses. When sharing your project, select the “Viewer” permission level; this allows your partner to see and make a copy of your project without altering the original. It’s helpful to include a brief note with your shared project to explain what you are sending. After sharing, you’ll receive your partner’s project. Start by opening it and making a duplicate of the sheet. Rename this new copy, adding your name to the title to differentiate it from the original. This step is crucial to preserve your partner’s original work while giving you a canvas to apply your own creative twist.

Once you’ve set up your copy of your partner’s project, it’s time to personalize it. Begin by accessing the conditional formatting settings of the project. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to modify the existing color scheme. Select and change the fill and text colors for each rule, tailoring the image to match your personal taste. Don’t forget to alter the background color as well to complement your new palette. After you’ve finished customizing the colors, take a moment to compare the original image with your version. This comparison can be a fun and enlightening exercise, often leading to amusing and surprising results. Now, it’s your turn to engage in this collaborative and creative process: choose a partner and share your projects, duplicate and rename the sheet you receive, and then dive into the conditional formatting to personalize your partner’s image with your unique color choices.