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In this segment, you will craft an elevator pitch, a concise and compelling overview of your business and its offerings, designed to be delivered in one minute or less. The concept of an elevator pitch is based on the scenario of sharing your business concept with a potential investor or customer during a brief elevator ride. It is an essential tool for engaging with various stakeholders such as lenders, investors, partners, suppliers, customers, and employees, as well as in informal networking situations. The objective is to clearly communicate what your business does and leave a lasting, positive impression. Begin by outlining the key points of your pitch. Next, create a new Google Docs document and title it accordingly, specifying your target audience, whether it’s a general audience or someone specific like a lender or investor. Start with a sentence introducing yourself, followed by a brief description of your business based on your mission statement and product or service description. Then, outline your ideal clients or customers, drawing from your target market description. Highlight what sets your business apart, using your market need analysis, and conclude with a call-to-action tailored to your audience, such as scheduling a meeting or inviting a visit to your location.

To refine your elevator pitch, return to the start and craft a captivating opening line that grabs your audience’s attention. Consolidate your points into a cohesive paragraph, ensuring it flows naturally and conveys the most vital information about your business. Aim for a word count between 150 to 250 words. Once crafted, practice delivering your elevator pitch with a partner, which could be a business partner, family member, friend, classmate, or SCORE mentor. Regular practice will help you become comfortable with the pitch, allowing you to internalize its elements and confidently present it in business settings. Just like your business plan, your elevator pitch is a tool to clarify your target audience and business objectives, enhancing your confidence in professional scenarios. Your task now is to construct and fine-tune your elevator pitch: create and title a new document, write each section of your pitch, edit these into a cohesive paragraph, and rehearse with a partner until you feel at ease using it in various business interactions.