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In this lesson, you will focus on formatting the text in your business plan to enhance its readability and visual appeal. Proper formatting, such as changing the style, size, and color of the text, serves multiple purposes. It not only helps to attract attention to different parts of your document but also guides the reader to specific information. Additionally, it can act as a reminder for you to update or revise certain sections. Start by changing the font throughout your document. Selecting a new font is an important decision; you might opt for one that aligns with your business’s branding or simply a font that appeals to you. Remember, a business plan is a professional document, so your choice should reflect professionalism and be consistent with your business’s image. After setting the font, focus on your headings. Use bold and underlining to emphasize your first-level headings, making them more visible and distinct. This will help organize your document and make navigation easier for readers. 

Next, turn your attention to the subheadings in your business plan. Change their font color to complement the overall look of your document and to create a visual distinction from the body text. This step can be quickly accomplished for all your subheadings by using the paint format tool, which allows you to copy the formatting from one section and apply it to others. Additionally, it’s beneficial to highlight any sections in the document that you intend to revisit for further editing or addition of information. Highlighting these sections makes them stand out, ensuring that you won’t overlook necessary revisions in the future. Now, it’s time for you to put these formatting techniques into practice: change the overall font in your document, apply bold and underline formatting to your first-level headings, adjust the font color of your subheadings, and highlight at least one section that requires further editing or additional information. This will help ensure that your business plan is not only informative but also visually engaging and easy to navigate.