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The Four Roles at a Restaurant

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  1. Welcome to the Restaurant!
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  2. Service with a Smile
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  3. Checking in on Guests
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  4. Bussing Tables and Cleaning
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  5. Line Cooks to Chef Supreme
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  6. Service Tips for Bigger Tips
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  7. When Things go Wrong
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Mask requirements have forced businesses to confront customers. Typically businesses avoid confrontation so enforcing these policies often gets complicated fast. Let’s explore some practical suggestions on how to ask people to wear masks. 

It is vital that employees have the right attitude and politely ask for the customer to mask up. The employee should be persistent but with a gentle tone. Clients will become defensive if they feel commanded. If they refuse to do so you might offer them a free mask as a last attempt. If the customer still refuses to comply then you have no choice but to reject them from entry. 


  1. Employees must use a gentle tone

  2. Clients will become defensive if employees order them around

  3. Consider offering them a free mask if they do not have one