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The Four Roles at a Restaurant

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  1. Welcome to the Restaurant!
    10 Topics
  2. Service with a Smile
    7 Topics
  3. Checking in on Guests
    8 Topics
  4. Bussing Tables and Cleaning
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  5. Line Cooks to Chef Supreme
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  6. Service Tips for Bigger Tips
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  7. When Things go Wrong
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Customers expect the food they ordered to be delivered to their table. Afterall, they are sitting down in a restaurant! Handling hundreds of orders in a hectic environment takes some patience and technique. 

When holding multiple plates you can slide your thumb and pinky on top of the first plate.  Put the second plate on top of your thumb and pinky, while the plate rests on your forearm. This method allows you to carry two plates at a time but it’s better to be safe and deliver on time than rush and drop someone’s dinner on the floor


  1. Customers expect the food they order to be delivered or served to their table

  2. Use proper technique when holding multiple plates

  3. Be patient and remember that walking fast is not worth dropping plates