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The Four Roles at a Restaurant

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  1. Welcome to the Restaurant!
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  2. Service with a Smile
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  3. Checking in on Guests
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  4. Bussing Tables and Cleaning
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  5. Line Cooks to Chef Supreme
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  6. Service Tips for Bigger Tips
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  7. When Things go Wrong
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Nowadays we take food delivery for granted. Imagine trying to order a pizza 20 years ago. You would have to actually talk to a person! In recent times we deliver not only food but all sorts of things. When delivering food it is essential to minimize time temperature abuse. Starting from the packing, choosing the right delivery bag is important!

Pack food carefully and remember to wrap anything with liquid in plastic. Assume that it will spill. Separate each dish and place it in a plastic box. Do not forget to label the food with a market or sticker. Use an insulated bag that keeps the temperature of the food to fight time temperature abuse. While delivering the food, try to keep the contents in a stable position to avoid spilling.  When delivering multiple orders, use a divider to separate each costumer’s food.


  1. Proper packaging is critical for deliveries

  2. Minimize time temperature abuse

  3. Wrap liquid components in plastic