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The Four Roles at a Restaurant

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  1. Welcome to the Restaurant!
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  2. Service with a Smile
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  3. Checking in on Guests
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  4. Bussing Tables and Cleaning
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  5. Line Cooks to Chef Supreme
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  6. Service Tips for Bigger Tips
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  7. When Things go Wrong
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There are many forms of disability. For now, let’s focus on the basics. Here are a few things to keep in mind when seating diners with disabilities.

To start they will need adequate space to travel from the entrance to seating. Bathrooms and exits must be reachable. Consider offering straws as drinking from a cup can be painful for some disabled people. Make sure to respect service animals. Service animals can accompany disabled individuals in all areas in which the public is allowed. 

Additionally, there are specific 
requirements for wheelchair-friendly tables. Tables intended for disabled clients should be no higher than 34 inches. The area underneath the table must be clear and at least 27 inches high. 


  1. There are many different disabilities

  2. Consider how you can assist the client

  3. Allow service animals to do their work