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One of the greatest challenges we have as people is identifying our passions. We may have passions of all kinds. In this course we specifically focus on passion for career or study. To grow self awareness you can ask yourself the question “Who do I think I am“? By asking yourself this question regularly over time you will notice how you change. 

Another great way to get to know yourself is to take a self assessment test such as a Myers Briggs test. You can take them online for free. These assessments are a fantastic way to identify your personal traits, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Consider your temperment and whether you prefer to be alone or working around people. Is making money more important to you or is something else more motivating? Take a look online and you will be suprised how much information is available to you.


  1. Experience new situations and reflect upon them


  2. Take self assessment tests such as Myers Briggs

  3. Consider your preferences working with people