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Improving Your Online Interview

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Hardware refers to your computer’s hardware— your webcam, your headset, and your lighting. These things will turn your standard interview setup into one that you might see on TV, such as on the news. Looking this good on camera can make a tremendous difference in how others see you, and really make a splash on your first impression. We cannot emphasize how important first impressions are in an interview!

“But won’t that cost a few hundred dollars to really do right?”

Sure, if you want some sort of top-of-the-line industry leading video camera with the thousand dollar speaker system and boom mic combo. But of course, you could also get everything for less than $100! We’ll be sharing ways to cut corners on the cost of these things, and give you some reasonable guidelines for what you need or don’t need to really make an outstanding remote interview setup.

The topics include…

  1. The effects of poor quality materials. There’s a lot that can go wrong with using your phone or laptop built-in camera and mics for interviews. This includes picking up ambient noise, giving poor lighting (even in well-lit rooms!) and more. We’ll cover specifics and provide examples.
  2. What a good headset and webcam can cost. It’s cheaper than you imagine, we promise. This even holds true for HD webcams, which give a lot more control and picture than even the best phones out there.
  3. Example products that may enhance your setup. A picture is worth a thousand words, so this topic is worth maybe five-thousand words. We include webcams, headsets, and personal lighting solutions.

Disclaimer: We don’t make money off the products mentioned in this lesson, and everything is for demonstration purposes only. Please feel free to shop around for any and all products you need for your interview. We want you to succeed, that’s our job– not selling you product!

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