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Without suggesting any specific products (yet), we have some general advice for people looking to upgrade their remote interview setup.

  1. Headsets can cost between $50 and $100, or more. Anything less risks being worse than your phone’s built-in microphone, and anything more is better if you intend to use this headset for more than just interviews. Brands like Logitech and TurtleBeach sport decent microphones with low prices. Keep in mind that the sound quality is never as good as if you buy headphones for the same price, so make sure whatever you get has a decent microphone and save the sound quality for your personal set.
  2. Webcams can be between $30 and $50. They also often come with microphones, but these are terrible. As with the headset, Logitech offers some decent options. Make sure you get an HD headset, as it will cover more ground and frame you in a way such that your face isn’t using up 80% of the frame. You can adjust your camera and take advantage of the golden ratio to really make yourself look spectacular.

Update as of Spring 2020, we also recommend ring lights for $20-$40 as a personal lighting solution. These became commonly used during the pandemic and help greatly in reducing eye shadows and other poor lighting issues. Just be careful if you wear glasses– glasses can reflect your lighting, so ensure the angle you tilt your head does not reveal your lighting situation!