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Choosing a poor quality setup will only make you look bad during your interview. To explain our key points:

  1. Built-in features are never the best quality. This includes top-end products like an iPhone. The picture may be on par with a special stand-alone webcam for your computer, but there are additional features on webcam software that can help frame and produce a better look for online interviews. Plus, for the price of a tripod for your phone, you can easily afford a webcam!
  2. Avoid the blur, bad lighting, sound quality, and more. You want your remote interviews to best represent you as if you were in person, and possibly even better. Any blur, be it from a bad camera or bad connection, distracts from displaying your best self. Same is true for lighting, as a dark room will obscure and worsen your physical appearance. Don’t underestimate how important it is to look attractive on camera, first impressions are frequently guided by physical appearance, whether we choose to believe it or not!

We suggest to invest in at least a stand-alone HD camera and a high quality headset, neither of which are expensive. If lighting is tricky, you can also grab a ring shaped lamp, which usually has a nice subtle lighting effect without being too sharp. Next topic, we’ll discuss the cost and suggestions for what to look for.