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Question: What is the career path of a caregiver?


Cheryl Thompson: “I’ll use myself as an example. I started as a caregiver then became a CNA while I went back to nursing school. Now I am a care manager and CEO of two companies; my care agency and a CNA school. There is something that helped me on my path to becoming a care manager. I knew what was missing because of my experience as a caregiver. I can tell you I’m living my best life because I enjoy what I do. I’m very prepared to give the care that I would want for my parents.“

Tierra Thornton: “Some people aspire to be good care givers. Or you may have aspirations to become a nurse, doctor, or administrator. Either way you have to have the heart to serve. When you have the heart to serve people can see that. Having a mentor is something else. That mentor should come to you and say “Tell me where you want to go and grow and lets make that outcome together.” We need to excite and enlighten each other by showing how to serve from our hearts.”


  1. Caregivers can become care managers with experience

  2. They learn many skills relevant to the rest of the healthcare industry

  3. Many caregivers become nurses