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Efficiency at the Workplace

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  1. Lead a Team to Success
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  2. Mastering Speech
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  3. Negotiation Tricks and Tips
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  4. Energy Lifehack
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  5. Mastering Time Management
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Three simple tips:

  1. Leadership is not management. Management is simply being in charge of the project, while leadership is more the qualities of a leader. These qualities do not need to be management qualities, you can practice them as early as your first entry-level job.
  2. Leaders inspire others. This is usually by being an exemplary person, either by doing your work exceptionally or by having a stand-up character. Putting others above you is a great first step towards demonstrating leadership qualities.
  3. Trust in subordinates. Or, if you’re not above anyone, trust in your coworkers. Trust goes a long way in a relationship, and trust is a two-way street. When you trust in others, they’re more likely to trust in you.