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Make sure you’re speaking to your audience both directly and indirectly. It makes you a lot more relatable if people can reach out to you! That’s one advantage you have over traditional forms of media, after all. Audiences that feel listened to create stronger following. Advertisers especially love a devoted audience like this, as they’re more likely to follow affiliate links and follow product recommendations. The more genuine it sounds, the better.

There really is no disadvantage to having a strong relationship with your audience. So, be sure to engage with your followers and with companies that might be willing to sponsor your content. This can be done during a stream with your chat, on social media during your off-hours, or even directly through comments on posts. You can also offer special perks to your closest fans, as a way of financing a Patreon, for instance, and maybe even have live shows and meet-and-greets if you feel outgoing enough.