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Common Office Conversation Examples

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  1. Requests from Your Coworkers
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Requests from Your Coworkers

Learn How to Decline Requests From Coworkers When You Are Busy

This lesson provides office workers with advice for rejecting coworkers asking for help to improve time efficiency. Helping your coworkers is good but not if it causes you to fall behind in your own work. We all know that one guy who says yes to everybody and gets taken advantage of, often leaving work late. Don’t be that one guy!

  • Emails are time consuming, so sometimes you need to filter.
  • Adding others’ email problems to your own can make this worse!
  • You don’t always have to say yes
  • WiFi problems, as with other tech problems, are not your job.
  • You can offer some help, but prioritize your schedule.
  • Delegate the task to somebody who can help more easily