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Efficiency at the Workplace

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  1. Lead a Team to Success
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Lead a Team to Success

Learn to Influence Success in Those Around You

Learn to keep morale up, encourage integrity, and forge trusted relationships. While there is certainly people who are natural born leaders, many of us have to learn how. Therefor we need to build the confidence required to lead.

This also means encouraging the right type of team spirit within your workplace. Through a series of short-form videos and activities, we encourage you to build your leadership skills even if you’re not in a management position.

  • Leadership is not management
  • Leaders inspire others
  • Trust in subordinates and avoid micromanaging
  • Understand who is above or below you
  • Recognize responsibilities
  • Clear up these responsibilities early on
  • Leaders should not be driven by fear
  • Courage comes from taking risks
  • Be open to feedback
  • Keep an open door policy
  • Answer questions to earn trust
  • Always praise good work
  • Avoid being too negative
  • Show trust and earn trust in return
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Turn your team into leaders
  • They should be able to work independent of you
  • Fun encourages motivation
  • Fun encourages creativity
  • Google and other FLAG companies do this, too
  • Everyone benefits from a win-win
  • Practice finding these moments
  • It is hard to compromise without losses