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Lead a Team to Success

With this course, you should be able to keep morale up, encourage integrity, and forge trusted relationships. While there is certainly people who are natural born leaders, many of us have to learn how. That means learning how to give yourself the confidence needed to lead. It also means encouraging the right type of team spirit within your workplace. Through a series of short-form videos and activities, we encourage you to build your leadership skills even if you’re not in a management position.

This lesson covers these concepts:

  1. Leadership – The difference between leadership and management.
  2. Relationships – Build an understanding of the workplace hierarchy.
  3. Fearless – Learn to be fearless, and what fearless means.
  4. Accessible – Being accessible to your coworkers.
  5. Praise and Forgive – Control emotions and build motivation among coworkers.
  6. Develop Leaders – Creating leaders around you helps with delegation.
  7. Fun and Enjoyment – Learn how to motivate a team through enjoyment.
  8. Win-Win Scenarios – Find compromise in workplace scenarios.
  9. Honesty – Why honesty matters in leadership.