Ace Your Caregiving Interview

Caregiving can be a fulfilling career. Particularly for those of you who feel strong concern for others. All careers begin with an interview. Learn what to expect during these interviews and you’ll maximize your chance of scoring the job! Take this lesson and get prepared for your next interview.

  • Cooking, cleaning, and business skills are useful for caregivers 

  • Work as a team to overcome hardships

  • You are responsible for your clients well-being

  • Caregivers can become care managers with experience

  • They learn many skills relevant to the rest of the healthcare industry

  • Many caregivers become nurses

  • Ask about scrubs before your interview

  • Adapt to your community

  • Some people have different preferences

  • Group interviews are common

  • Compassion is critical

  • Details can be taught but having genuine concern cannot

  • You need a big heart

  • You must make residents feel comfortable

  • Residents should feel safe around you

  • Relax and be comfortable

  • Drink water because you will be talking

  • Show some vulnerability